4 Reasons to Use a Local Managed Network Services Provider

Enterprises trying to manage their own network often face challenges related to unreliable service, a lack of in-house expertise, and time-consuming maintenance. Local managed network services providers (MNSP) understand the communities they serve and their clients’ individual problems, promoting their business objectives by providing network solutions they can depend on. 

Local MNSPs can provide relief and reassurance that network needs are being met, from installation to monitoring. Here are the top four benefits for working with a local services provider: 

1- Cost Savings

One of the most popular reasons for enterprises to partner with a local MNSP is to receive reduced IT costs related to network infrastructure and management. According to a study conducted by CompTIA, 46 percent of enterprises who transitioned IT functions to a managed services provider saw a 25 percent or more reduction in their annual IT costs.

Partnering with a local MNSP also enables more predictable cost structures, so companies can better budget and plan around IT and network investments. A managed provider can also reduce the burden of upgrading equipment as well as time and money spent on ongoing network maintenance. 

2- Personalized Services 

Local MNSPs provide organizations with network solutions tailored to their unique needs. Since the providers operate within close proximity, enterprises have the opportunity to build a trust-based relationship that promotes network growth and dependability.

Local services providers can travel to your enterprise’s location to troubleshoot or help with network-related problems and provide on-site assistance. This is especially helpful for smaller organizations that lack the internal staff to diagnose or resolve problems internally. Also, local providers ensure reliable service for smaller or rural areas not covered by larger providers. 

3- Increased Security

Local MNSPs understand that enterprises  may need network setups that are maximized for security. For example, a local provider could help government agencies implement and monitor switched ethernet or wavelength services to promote fast and secure data transmissions. MNSPs also offer increased security if used as a secondary or backup service since a malicious attacker will only have access to the other provider network, keeping the accessible data separate.

Local network providers often routinely monitor clients’ networks to check for signs of network problems and reduce downtime. MNSPs can identify when an issue might arise and resolve it before it negatively affects enterprise network performance.

4- Greater Network Reliability

Most local network providers establish a guaranteed network uptime rate and a specific response and resolution timeframe, often agreed to under a service level agreement (SLA). The SLA ensures that the network is maintained reliably, usually ensuring some variation of 99.99% uptime, saving costs and boosting productivity. By keeping their provider local, businesses receive closely monitored network solutions with more immediate access to resolving network problems that can hinder organizational efficiency.

Leverage Managed, Local Network Services from ECS

Edison Carrier Solutions (ECS) takes a vested interest in improving network capacity and reliability across enterprises, government agencies, carriers, education institutions, and media creators across Southern California. We provide over 6000+ route miles of fiber and serve over 50,000 square miles connecting key locations including West LA, Anaheim, Santa Monica, Culver City, and Play Vista with fast and reliable data transfer.

As a local services provider, ECS understands the challenges and needs of organizations in the local community and strives to work alongside them to promote their network reliability, security, and growth. If you are experiencing network issues you can reach out to the ECS team and we can help resolve them.

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