Is Managed Wavelength Service or Dark Fiber Right for Your Business?

In today’s market, enterprises of all sizes require high-performance network capacity that is customizable to their bandwidth projections and overall IT capabilities. At SCE Carrier Solutions, our team of experts knows that no two organizations are alike; as a result, we work with our customers to pick a fiber optic solution that best suits their particular needs. In this blog, we discuss the key differences between our Dark Fiber and best-in-class Wavelength Services in order to help businesses determine the right option for their requirements.

Unleashing the Potential of Fiber Optic Cables for Your Data Needs

While both our Dark Fiber and Wavelength Services leverage the power of fiber optic systems for high bandwidth demands, they operate with significant differences. Under our Dark Fiber solution, customers lease unlit fiber optic strands that they then fully manage, from equipment selection and deployment, through network monitoring and performance. In contrast, SCE Carrier Solutions’ Managed Wavelength Service allows our customers to lease a wavelength of light for transmitting data along a fiber optic cable under SCE’s administration. This allows them to grow their data capacity while relying on us to manage the overall optical network infrastructure. In addition to operating differently, Dark Fiber and Wavelength Services also differ in terms of cost to deploy.

is managed wavelength or dark fiber right for your businessWhen leasing dark fiber, an enterprise must invest in both the network equipment required to light the fiber as well as the IT personnel responsible for implementing network protocols and monitoring performance. As a result, this option suits larger telecom companies or enterprises with multiple locations that have the capital and resources to customize a leased fiber cable network to their needs.

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Our Managed Wavelength Services offer smaller organizations a cost-effective, yet highly private and reliable means of fiber optic data transfer. We enable completely transparent and secure transport of your data with end-to-end network infrastructure support so it never gets mixed up with anyone else’s in the electronic domain. Lastly, our Wavelength Services allow for a high level of flexibility in adding bandwidth to keep abreast of soaring data growth. This is a critical advantage for smaller organizations with limited budgets or lack of internal technical expertise to operate as their own carrier

Is Managed Wavelength Service or Dark Fiber Right for Your Business?

SCE Carrier Solutions works to educate our customers on selecting a fiber optic solution that best meets their demands. We find that many smaller organizations are unaware of the benefits of Wavelength services. In one case, we met with a school district that was experiencing challenges from a network that their provider had oversubscribed.  The district staff did not know Wavelength services existed, believing their only options to be either a dark fiber lease or relying on switched Ethernet. We successfully showed them that Wavelength services would enable them to take advantage of reliable fiber optic communications in a scalable, cost-effective and easy-to-deploy manner—all with the proactive, fully-managed monitoring services of SCE Carrier Solutions. As a result, we helped them save money and resources while supplying them with a best-in-class dedicated pipeline at an attractive rate.

Our SCE Carrier Solutions team can help you design an effective fiber optic solution that meets your needs for network reliability and performance. Our engineers provide consultation to our new customers, equipping them with the information needed to choose the best solution that balances their infrastructure needs with their budgetary restrictions. For more information on how our Managed Wavelength Services can benefit you, contact us today.

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