Southern California Network

Southern California Fiber Optic Network

Edison Carrier Solutions (ECS) provides competitive telecommunications services over our own network of 5,000+ route miles of metro area fiber in Southern California. Here are some other key facts about the ECS fiber optic network:

  • One of the largest competitive carrier fiber optic networks in Southern California
  • Our service area is primarily Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Oxnard, Irvine, Riverside, San Bernardino, Victorville (LATA 730), and extends into Palm Springs (LATA 973) and vicinity
  • We provide on-net connectivity to 65+ network locations such as Carrier Hotels and POP locations, and 75+ ILEC central offices
  • Diverse building entrances to 93% of all locations
  • Very high level of network availability, exceeding ANSI standards
  • SONET, Wavelength, Ethernet and dark fiber solutions

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