Ethernet Services

Improve Internet Performance

It is critical for enterprises to have access to network connections that are capable of transmitting large volumes of data. Failing to transmit these loads, at a fast pace creates inefficiency for an organization. SCE Carrier Solutions provides ethernet service for customers that ensures peak performance and reliable connections. 

Reduce the Risk of Losing Network Connection

An application outage can cost a business up to $75,000 an hour¹. This sort of outage can be caused from loss of connection signal and can lead to significant financial loss if outages reoccur. SCE Carrier Solutions’ ethernet services help improve your performance and provide a scalable solution with efficient reroute capabilities and ultra-low latency to reduce lost connections.


Ethernet Services

Reduce the Risk of Poor Internet Security

In the US, cyber attacks average an annual financial loss of $22 million. This statistic only includes the revenue loss a cyber attack can cause and not the extra damage caused by loss of information or business disruption during these attacks.

A secure and reliable connection through an ethernet service is one step a business can use to help minimize the risk of cyber attacks. SCE Carrier Solutions provides reliable telecommunication solutions over a privately owned and operated fiber network to reduce this risk.

value of ethernet services

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