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SCE Carrier Solutions’ SONET ring topology reaches 140+ data aggregation points on an expansive network throughout Southern California. Our SONET service provides you with the architecture to transport various types of network traffic.

Benefits of SONET Networks:

 Increased Reliability
Increased Reliability

SONET networks offer organizations flexible bandwidth opportunities to promote quality connectivity.

Increased Performance
Increased Performance

SONET services are designed to reduce signal loss and increase network quality.

Streamlined Management
Streamlined Management

SONET networks are easier to manage at the physical layer, reducing time and costs spent on maintenance and monitoring.

High Scalability
High Scalability

SONET networks are highly customizable to adapt to meet future technology and application needs.

Streamline network traffic with a robust and flexible architecture.

The SCE Carrier Solutions network is configured into multiple, fully diverse self-healing rings to move traffic efficiently across our expansive geographic footprint. Expand and secure communications with dedicated access to your private network.

With SCE SONET Solutions, you'll receive:

  • Point-to-point DS-3 to OC-48 service using shared rings
  • Dedicated OC-48 and OC-192 service over multi-node rings
  • DS-3 to OC-48 ports available on dedicated rings
  • Off-net and Type 2 services are available on a case-by-case basis
  • Equipment protection and route diversity
  • Flexibility in transporting traditional TDM and Packet Networks


We go above and beyond for our customers. Our promise to you is more than just providing great service.

Self-Healing Rings

Self-healing rings provide the optimal configuration for uninterrupted communication.

Expand Your Reach

Expedite network expansion to expand your reach.

Transition Legacy Systems

Offering support for your legacy SONET systems – our technical experts are here to help you transition to Ethernet, Wavelengths, or even Dark Fiber.

Need more than a SONET solution?

We’re proud to provide customizable network solutions tailored to meet your organization’s needs. Learn more about our localized services and solutions by downloading our overview.


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