Wireless Infrastructure Services

Since 1994, Southern California Edison has been assisting wireless providers in developing their networks to meet customers' needs for wireless telecommunication service.

We have a vast infrastructure portfolio of electric transmission towers, existing real property and streetlights. These locations can be used to collocate network equipment, such as base stations and antennas, throughout Southern California.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is committed to supporting these network deployment efforts and finding locations that are suitable for this purpose. We have a proven track record of developing and managing 855+ sites. Meeting our customers' time frames is one of our highest priorities.

We continue to grow our infrastructure services for wireless providers to support their need to grow their networks. Our goal is to allow them to maintain their role as network manager while we utilize in-house expertise to provide zoning support, engineering design and fabrication of brackets, and equipment installation support.


  • GIS services - We match carrier search rings with our infrastructure
  • Existing structures - Towers, steel poles & streetlights
  • Zoning support - Attendance at public hearing upon request
  • Customer service - Centralized group dedicated to wireless carriers
  • Single point of contact - One individual to call for each account