3 Internet Solutions to Improve Network Uptime

According to Gartner researcher, Andrew Lerner, the average cost of network downtime is approximately $300,000 an hour. But that’s just the average. Additional studies reveal that business characteristics, such as industry and risk tolerance, can move that number as low as $140,000 to as high as $540,000 per hour of network downtime.

When it concerns your business, reliable network uptime isn’t just a luxury – it’s a necessity. Failing to choose the right network solution for your organization can result in detrimental financial costs, lost productivity, and angry customers or employees.

Improve network uptime in your organization with one of the following internet solutions:

Dark Fiber

Dark fiber is fiber optic cable that does not have wavelengths of light moving through them, so they are considered unlit. Organizations can lease dark fiber from network owners to obtain exclusive use of the fibers during the lease period. The fiber lines are controlled exclusively by the lessee, creating a private network with little to no involvement from the network provider.

Dark fiber also provides exceptionally reliable performance. With dark fiber, users can transmit multiple data signals simultaneously on different wavelengths. If performance needs change over time, dark fiber customers can change the network configuration or upgrade equipment at any time to meet their new priorities. By owning exclusive use of the fiber optic cable, you gain control over scalability, capacity, and network management, which directly impacts overall network performance for more reliable network uptime.

Ethernet Services

Ethernet services direct network traffic, ensuring everyone utilizing the network gets the reliable service that they need. Since a network provider fully manages ethernet services, customers don’t need a high level of IT expertise to achieve the maximum performance benefits of their connection. If unexpected downtime occurs over an ethernet connection, customers have direct access to expert support, ensuring a quick recovery.

Additionally, customers can opt for providers that offer route diversity. That means, if one cable fails, there’s another route for information to take, which maximizes uptime and provides organizations with highly network reliability and performance.

In addition to implementing the above network solutions, organizations should consider a local provider, such as SCE Carrier Solutions, for managed network services like ethernet services. Local providers often specialize in building and maintaining a smaller, higher-quality network infrastructure in just one area, so there’s a faster response rate for service requests and improved uptime.

Network Solutions Overview

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