3 Reasons Why Switched Ethernet is Ideal for Large Schools

Managing a school comes with its own unique set of network challenges. Specifically, running a large school or university requires network solutions that are tailored to accommodate its size and functionalities. 

Educational institutions also have to deal with strict budgetary constraints and have an increased need for secure networks. Finding the right solution that suits the unique needs of a medium-large sized school can be difficult and selecting the wrong network solution can be costly. 

Here are the top 3 reasons why a Switched Ethernet solution is ideal for accommodating the connectivity, security, and budget challenges schools face every day.

1. Excellent Internet for Schools Offers Reliable Connectivity 

The defining trait of Switched Ethernet is its localized structure and ultra-low latency. Instead of being based in a centralized hub, a Switched Ethernet connection is housed within the four walls of the school, resulting in a faster and more reliable network connection. 

With schools adopting more online learning and cloud-based technologies, having a reliable network connection is critical. A glitch in connection or complete network outage could result in valuable staff hours misapplied toward creating alternative assignments or managing panicked students with lurking deadlines and dropped online assignments. Switched Ethernet’s reliability reduces the risk of a network outage and offers large schools the confidence to maximize the benefits of online learning and cloud-based solutions. 

2. Switched Ethernet Accommodates Restrictions

Educational institutions are notorious for maximized use of limited resources, and large schools are no exception. Internet for schools must not only meet the needs of staff and students but also be dependable to support a variety of business and network goals. Switched Ethernet uses multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), which allows for private switching over public networks. This feature allows schools to achieve high greater network reliability and performance, within budget restrictions. MPLS is also highly scalable for future school growth and can be customized to the unique bandwidth needs of schools, to maximize productivity and flexibility in the classrooms. As classroom or school sizes change, the network infrastructure of route diversity in a Switched Ethernet solution can change alongside it. 

3. Increased Security

Educational institutions have mission-critical and confidential data that needs to be protected from cyberattacks or data breaches. A secure and suitable network solution needs to consider the data exchanges schools frequently go through. Schools exchange data across rooms, buildings, or campuses, on a frequent basis and a reliable network solution is key to ensuring students’ information is handled with care in a digital space. The localized design of Switched Ethernet helps control information-sharing, secure sensitive information being stored and transferred throughout the school, and includes more safety protocols than the centralized alternative. 

Larger educational institutions have an even larger data exchange process as they tend to be multi-campus organizations and use connected classroom technology. An Ethernet Service allows large schools to connect facilities with a reliable and fully-managed network services. Large schools should seek an ethernet service that is compatible with Ethernet-over-SONET technology to increase the security and reliability of the service. 

Manage School Network with Switched Ethernet

As the use of connected classroom technology and school internet bandwidth needs increase, so does the challenge of selecting a secure network solution. To ensure your school works within budget constraints and network connection needs, an Ethernet Service should be considered.


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