4 Benefits of Using a Managed Network Services Provider

It can be a significant time and financial investment to run and maintain a network. While some organizations may have the resources to manage their own network, an in-house team without the right technical prowess may still struggle to handle their networks in the most cost-effective and productive way.

Managed Network Service Providers (MNSPs) have the equipment, staff, expertise, and experience necessary to take on infrastructure tasks so companies can focus less on network upkeep and more on strategic business goals.

By partnering with an MNSP, organizations can receive four main benefits:

Cost Savings

Businesses partnering with network service providers often experience reduced infrastructure costs associated with maintenance and operation.

According to a 2016 CompTIA poll of 400 IT and business professionals, 46 percent of companies who used manage service providers for any portion of their IT needs experienced a reduction in their annual IT budgets by 25 percent or more.

MNSPs can make the initial service and technology transitions painless, minimizing the likelihood of expensive mistakes. Also, network lease costs are typically spread out across the duration of the contract, providing employers with a predictable cost structure that better informs their future IT budgeting strategies.

According to data gathered from industry surveys in 2016, Gartner estimates that network downtimes cost organizations $5,600 per minute or $300,000 per hour. Increased network reliability, proactive infrastructure monitoring, and comprehensive technical support help maximize network uptime, which can save companies from expensive outages and reduced productivity.

Greater Staff Productivity

Fully managed network solutions take the burden off what would otherwise take a large IT staff to monitor and allows employees to focus more on core business objectives and innovating.

MNSPs provide companies with a streamlined setup process where the provider tailors network solutions to address an organization’s unique needs, reducing stress and strain on internal resources. Once the network infrastructure and external support is in place, companies can receive improved network operational efficiency and free up staff to work on other more important tasks.

Improved Network Quality

Companies receiving managed network services tend to experience higher levels of network availability and bandwidth compared to those who do not outsource.

MNSPs can provide companies with the knowledge and expertise needed to optimize their infrastructure. The right service partner can evaluate an organization’s network setup and make suggestions on which services can promote more efficient operation while supporting the necessary traffic volume.

Local network service providers also leverage proactive monitoring tools to catch and start working on issues before the customer may be aware of them, reducing downtime and enabling faster service request responses.

Better Security

Organizations handling sensitive data, such as in the government sector, face financial and legal risks associated with data breaches and security vulnerabilities. The average data breach costs $3.92 million, or $150 per record lost, according to a Ponemon Institute and IBM Security 2019 Cost of a Data Breach report.

MNSPs offer network monitoring services, which can keep track of the equipment and overall infrastructure health. Network partners can recommend hardware and software platforms tailored to a company’s IT security and compliance needs.

Managed network service provider solutions such as dedicated internet access allow companies to establish a private connection with the web, promoting overall network security and reducing the risk of outside threats.

Partner With A Managed Network Services Provider

You don’t have to go it alone when it comes to running and monitoring your network and its performance. Consider partnering with a MNSP to alleviate internal burdens and promote cost-savings and operational efficiency.

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