4 Ways to Increase your Enterprise's Network Reliability

According to Gartner, downtimes cost enterprises an average of $5,600 per minute or $336,000 per hour1. To prevent this, enterprises require strong network setups and access to the right expertise to promote network reliability. 

Having access to a dependable network with maximum uptime correlates directly with an organization’s ability to remain productive, innovative, and competitive. Here are four measures you can take to promote network dependability.

1. Evaluate your current network setup

Just as each network setup has its advantages and disadvantages, each enterprise will have different capacity and uptime needs. Take the time to determine the level of reliability your business requires and consider which setups best ensure consistent network delivery.

Popular network setups optimized for dependability include dark fiber– fiber optic cables are managed by the lessee, offering full customization over the network’s capacity and speed.

No matter the solution you choose, be sure to talk to your service provider about how they can promote uptime and provide reliable connections to ensure your users can complete their tasks efficiently.

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2. Identify upgrade opportunities

Network infrastructure will sometimes need upgrading or replacing to promote reliability and enabling staff efficiency. Make sure to continually monitor your network use and capacity to determine if the current bandwidth is a roadblock to providing a dependable connection. 

Ensure that your company embraces network redundancy in the form of backup equipment and devices in the event of unavailable or blocked network routes. Having a redundant network at the ready ensures that any outage will have a minimal effect on network communications by increasing total uptime.

When looking at increasing network throughput, identify bottleneck points. Companies often experience congestion around network connectivity points depending on the number of internet links available to route traffic2. Consider changing the network setup’s configuration to increase internet load sharing or load balancing to alleviate this challenge.

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3. Prepare for future capacity needs

According to a 2019 Microsoft IoT Signals report, 88 percent of surveyed businesses indicated that IoT is vital to their success and plays a role in their overall business transformation3. As businesses continue to embrace IoT and implementing new technologies into their services and strategies, enterprise leadership and IT staff should determine their network bandwidth needs in the next several months or years and plan ahead to best take advantage of lucrative network opportunities.

In addition to expanding at the network-level, consider the staff or user growth you anticipate serving in the next few years. Quickly expanding businesses may experience increased traffic, which slows down the network and reduces productivity. By evaluating your capacity needs and preparing ahead of time, you will reduce friction down the road.

4. Partner with a local managed network services provider

Local managed network service providers (MNSPs) provide businesses with reliable network services to power their essential business tasks. Since these MNSPs serve specific communities, they are able to provide on-site assistance to resolve any network-related challenges. Because they are integrated locally, providers become familiar with their customer’s problem and can develop long-term relationships centered around reliable service and optimized performance.

For businesses lacking the internal resources for a dedicated IT team, MNSPs can act as an extension to enterprises to fill their network expertise needs. Providers often have access to network monitoring tools that predict network issues and allows them to resolve them quickly, which reduces downtime. 

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