7 Benefits of Using Switched Ethernet Services

Switched Ethernet enables organizations to meet bandwidth needs by leveraging the support of numerous dedicated station segments to maximize the efficiency of the available cable. An extremely reliable network solution that boasts high-quality
connections with ultra-low latency and fast re-routing capabilities, ethernet services typically offer organizations more advantages than disadvantages.

Here are seven of the top benefits of implementing switched ethernet in your organization:

1. Reliable Connectivity

Based on industry surveys, Gartner estimates that network downtime costs organizations approximately $5,600 per minute or $300,000 per hour1. Regardless of whether it’s an educational institution or government agency, network downtime not only halts productivity but can be financially costly. Unlike traditional ethernet services, switched ethernet features ultra-low latency with a localized structure. Instead of being based in a centralized hub, a Switched Ethernet connection is housed within the organization, resulting in a faster and more reliable network connection.

With Switched Ethernet, customers can also choose to diversify their cable route to maximize uptime and further increase the network reliability of their ethernet services. In doing so, if one network cable fails, there is another route for information to take while the network provider handles the fallen cable.

2. Network Scalability

Because users can upgrade to different data, bandwidth and speed options as network requirements change, Switched Ethernet is an attractive option for organizations experiencing rapid growth. Ethernet Services also uses multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), which allows for private switching over public networks, and is easily scaled to accommodate future growth.

3. Enhanced Security

Data breaches can not only harm your public image, but they are financially costly. IMB reported that the average 2019 cost of a data breach in the United States is 8.19 million USD2. As such, security is paramount when choosing a network. Even though Switched Ethernet is managed by a network provider, users still benefit from a high level of security because providers can see that data packets are being sent over the network, but cannot see what information is inside them, ensuring a greater degree of privacy. Additionally, ethernet services localized design helps control information-sharing, secure sensitive information being stored and transferred throughout the network, and includes more safety protocols than the centralized alternative.

4. Application Agnostic

Switched Ethernet services provides application-agnostic bandwidth that is secure and dedicated end-to-end between each location. This means, organizations can easily support the necessary applications to run their business, such as VoiP, cloud-based services, file sharing, and online banking and bookkeeping.

5. Customized Solutions

As the market shifts and enterprise needs change, a smart network solution needs to be adaptable. Switched ethernet services enable organizations to customize a reliable network to your locations that you are able to control and upgrade as required.

6. Budget-Friendly Contracts

Because of the customization potential of Switched Ethernet packages, network contracts can be tailored to suit both the network and budget requirements of each organization.

7. Managed Service

Switched Ethernet is a managed network service, meaning that it is operated and maintained by a network provider’s expert technicians. Since ethernet services are fully managed by the provider, customers benefit from not requiring high-level, in-house IT expertise to maintain the network. To further reduce the burden on customers, the best providers will offer equipment and optional protection plans.

Improve Internet Performance with Switched Ethernet

Because of advancements like cloud-based technology and the normalization of streaming music and video, the demand on bandwidth, speed, and data needs are increasing. For organizations, this adds another layer to the challenge, selecting a reliable network solution that gets the job done correctly and within budgetary requirements. To ensure your organization’s network connection needs are effectively met, ethernet services should be explored as a reliable and scalable network solution.

What is Switched Ethernet

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