7 Office Building Amenities Every Property Owner Should Offer Their Tenants

Good first impressions are essential for attracting new businesses to your property. Now more than ever, building owners are losing out on potential tenants even before they visit. With the ability to browse pictures and information on a property’s website, companies may not sign up for a showing if they feel the building lacks the right amenities. And coming out of the pandemic, they are rethinking their office spaces and evaluating what features will best promote employee happiness and productivity. 

Below, you will find insights into what office amenity investments will help drive profitability at your property, bring in more businesses, and boost tenant happiness. 

Office Amenity Trends Inform Building Owner Priorities

Recently, there has been a shift from office amenities considered “nice-to-haves” to expected within the workplace. Instead of going immediately home at the end of the day, some employees want to stay after hours to attend a fitness class or get food, and buildings that offer these activities on-site are more desirable than those that don’t.

The Q2 2021 Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International COVID-19 Commercial Real Estate Impact Study found that 64% of office space decision-makers and influencers want to know that building owners are spending more money on amenities supporting tenant company culture, connectivity, productivity, and well-being. Also top of mind coming out of the pandemic are health and safety wellness amenities and shared social amenities.

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Building owners wishing to satisfy current and future tenant needs should focus on adding or refreshing seven on-site assets: 

Gyms and Fitness Centers

One of the most desirable on-site amenities for commercial tenants is a gym space for workers that show up early or stay late after work to conduct physical exercise. Building owners don’t need to offer state-of-the-art equipment to satisfy their tenants in a fitness space—having free weights, mats, and at least one cardio machine should suffice, along with a shower so they can clean up afterward. For property managers that want to go above and beyond, consider offering your tenants classes that they can join throughout the week, such as yoga.

Health and Wellness Suites

Coming out of quarantine, tenants are prioritizing personal and mental health, partially due to working from home and COVID-19 as a whole. The BOMA study found that tenants strongly desired reservable health and wellness suites and wellness managers at the property to provide on-site guidance and support as needed. These spaces are great for yoga and meditation, and can even be used as maternity rooms for mothers with newborn babies, offering employees more options for health-driven spaces. 

Outdoor Spaces

Providing tenants with areas where they can get fresh air can be great for their mental health and can help reduce stress. One recent property trend is to convert rooftop spaces into gardens where tenants can have a nice view and be around greenery. Also, consider any additions that help support other outdoor activities, such as offering more bike racks for tenants that wish to bike to work or go for a ride during the day. 


In addition to outdoor spaces for relaxation and mental wellness, tenants also want similar break areas inside your building. Shared lounge spaces are great selling points for your building and offer existing tenants areas to socialize or unwind during the workday. Consider revamping these areas to make the areas more flexible and add a variety of furniture, such as different types of tables and chairs, to provide people with more options when they are having a meeting or want to conduct work in the lobby space. 

On-Site Social Programming

Not every amenity is a physical space or addition to your building. Commercial tenants also are looking for property owners that offer social events at their venues, such as happy hours or concerts. Consider offering at least one social program during the week for tenants to participate in and rotate out the different types to provide different options for everyone. 

Food and Drink Spots

In-house foodservice options allow employees to grab a bite before, during, or after work hours, which is highly desirable for potential tenants. In Southern California, year-round outdoor eating areas are a great option for tenants to enjoy fresh air while getting their lunch or snack.

Popular food and drink amenities for commercial tenants include: 

  • Cafe
  • Coffee shop
  • Wine bar
  • Sit-down dining options for tenants wishing to eat during or after the workday

High-Speed Internet 

Business tenants need high-speed internet to encourage employee productivity and promote effective collaboration. Consider upgrading your network to ensure tenants have reliable access to fast upload and download speeds to support their tasks and innovation. 

At Edison Carrier Solutions, we provide commercial buildings in California with managed network services and enterprise-grade connectivity solutions. Contact us to see how we can upgrade your building’s internet network for improved security, performance, and productivity.

Property Owner Checklist to Drive Tenant Satisfaction

Many Southern California businesses are either in the middle of transitioning back to the office or are in the planning phase of this transition. Download the checklist to learn five strategies building owners and managers can use to drive more revenue and meet tenant post-pandemic needs as they bring their employees back to in-person work.

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