Addressing Tech Startup Challenges With Managed Network Services

Networks play a vital role in supporting tech startup growth objectives. However, many small businesses may struggle with operational costs and scaling their networks effectively. By leveraging managed network services, startups can offload time-consuming maintenance tasks and strengthen their IT infrastructure to increase their competitiveness. 

Below you will learn about how managed solutions address the largest network-related challenges facing tech startups.

Managing Network Costs

Since tech startups have more limited budgets compared to larger companies, making decisions around where to invest resources can be difficult. On the network side, buying and maintaining infrastructure assets can be expensive and a roadblock to success. 

Managed IT infrastructure services can save businesses over $145,000 per 100 users annually and optimize IT staff resources by 42%. Another advantage of leveraging solutions from a managed services provider is that the cost structures are more predictable because they pay the same amount regardless of how much support is needed every month, allowing startups to better budget and plan around necessary infrastructure investments or upgrades. 

Slow Upload and Download Speeds

Network performance can make or break startup productivity. A poor or slow connection wastes employee time and limits their ability to multitask different applications simultaneously. Employees struggling with unreliable connectivity or slow load times may become frustrated, contributing to tech industry attrition — which is already the highest out of any sector at 13.2 percent. With smaller team sizes, employee turnover can greatly disrupt their operations and interrupt projects. 

With more cloud-based activity and remote data storage, tech startups need a network that supports fast upload and download speeds. A managed services provider has the reliable and high-performance infrastructure needed to support video conferencing, sending and downloading large media files, and other internet-intensive activities. 

Vulnerable Network Infrastructure

Malicious attackers often target small startups because they have fewer resources invested into infrastructure security, are usually connected to larger corporations and their data, and are less prepared than more established companies to effectively handle breaches and other cyberattacks. 

42% of small businesses experienced a cyber attack in the last year. Those incidents took several forms: 

  • 23.7% were phishing attacks
  • 18.6% were data breaches
  • 15.6% were malware attacks
  • 14.8% were denial of service (DOS) attacks
  • 11.3% were ransomware attacks

To minimize the threat of these incidents, startups can leverage managed secure network solutions

Limited IT Team Bandwidth

Startups typically have smaller teams and fewer in-house resources to address network issues than more established companies. As a result, IT staff may have to take on more responsibilities, stretching them thin. 

Managed network services allow tech startups to offload time-consuming network monitoring and maintenance, freeing up technical staff to focus on more important, product-oriented tasks. 

Lack of Scalability

Tech startups in California looking to quickly scale as they bring in new employees and develop new products or services require a tech stack that can support their growth. Startups are often in a rush to get new products or services to market, resolve customer issues, and hire new team members. 

With a limited network, startups may face bottlenecks and max out their capacity as they build out their team. A managed network provider can quickly expand a startup’s infrastructure and adjust their bandwidth up or down according to their connectivity needs.

If you are a tech startup looking for a high-performance, secure, reliable, and scalable network, we have your connectivity needs covered. Reach out to the SCE team, and we can discuss your network-related challenges and how our solutions can resolve them. 

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