Advantages of Government Fiber Internet

Municipal and state governments require highly secure networks to transfer sensitive information and files. They also depend on reliable networks to support providing resources to the public, such as information about voting and licenses, as well as live streaming hearings and court proceedings. 

While government agencies have several network options, fiber cables are a great option due to the customizable nature of the setup, which allows them to prepare for future growth and quickly address network needs as they emerge.

Advantages of Government Fiber Internet

Fiber internet is a great fit for government agencies requiring data transmission privacy, network flexibility, and reliable performance. Benefits of fiber for government include:


Dark fiber provides governments with a highly secure network managed solely by the agency itself, with minimal participation from the network service provider. The private network’s limited visibility into data transfers is essential for protecting the sensitive nature of government communications. In addition, the fiber lines are kept separate from the main network and inaccessible from non authorized personnel.

Reliable Operation 

Since fiber networks are managed directly by government entities, internal IT teams can resolve network problems on their own, without having to rely on an ISP to do so. The ability to quickly identify and address network hiccups promotes network reliability and reduces costly downtime. 

Scalable Capacity 

Governments handle large amounts of data, which requires a robust network setup. With fiber, agencies can easily change network configurations or upgrade their equipment to as new traffic demands and data transfer priorities arise.

High Performance

Dark fiber lines can send multiple data signals at the same time on different wavelengths with their dense wavelength division multiplexing capabilities, allowing governments to transfer data quickly. The direct connection route of fiber with minimal stops along the private circuit promotes efficient transmissions and high speeds. 

Fully Customizable

Governments leveraging fiber can configure the network to their unique needs, specifying wavelength, speed, network protocols, and other network infrastructure aspects they require. Since agencies own the optic lines, they don’t have to rely on their service provider to make changes, enabling agile upgrades.

Leverage A Tailored Government Fiber Network

SCE Carrier Solutions provides secure network solutions for municipal and state government agencies, customized to fit their unique network needs and designed for security, growth, and performance. 

With SCE’s dark fiber services, agencies receive:

  • Customizable 50 Mb/s- 10G+ speeds
  • Highly secure data transfers over private lines
  • Full network flexibility over its configuration

Interested in learning how your organization can leverage a fiber network? Contact us today and one of our network experts will be happy to answer any questions.

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