Top Advantages of Optical Wavelength Services

Optical wavelength networks provide organizations with several capabilities that enable them to promote workplace productivity and stay competitive. In an ever-changing world, the flexibility of optical networks empower businesses to quickly adjust their setup to address speed, capacity, and uptime needs.

Optical wavelength networks use light signals to transmit communications of any type of traffic, usually across optical fiber cables. Usually, customers leveraging optical networks receive a dedicated wavelength of light solely for their use, which keeps their data transfers fast and private. One popular optical network is dark fiber, often used in industries including Education, Government, and Enterprise. While government agencies have several network options, fiber cables are a great option due to the customizable nature of the setup, which allows them to prepare for future growth and quickly address network needs as they emerge.

Top Advantages of Optical Wavelength Services

Compared to other network setups, optical wavelength networks can provide businesses with the following advantages:

Greater Capacity

Fiber optic cables can handle higher volumes of data than copper cables can transmit. With Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology, optical networks can significantly increase the bandwidth of fiber cables by dividing them into multiple, smaller channels. In addition, organizations can send multiple signals at different wavelengths across the same fiber.

Easy Scalability

Organizations leveraging optical networks have full control over their traffic speed, wavelength, and other network protocols, enabling companies to quickly increase or decrease bandwidth to meet business needs as they arise. For example, businesses leveraging those networks can quickly scale up capacity to combat slower data transfer speeds or to address traffic bottlenecks.

High Security

Since data is transmitted by light in the optical cables, it is highly secure and makes outside entities, such as the network provider, unable to view the data being sent. Optical networks keep data within an organization’s private circuit, making it a popular choice for government agencies requiring secure network solutions.

High Performance

The private circuit aspect of optical networks, such as with dark fiber, enable businesses to achieve maximum speeds because the setup prevents traffic bottlenecks. Optical networking are designed for low latency, high capacity data transfers, which enables organizations to achieve optimal performance and network reliability.

Leverage Optical Wavelength Services From SCE

SCE Carrier Solutions is a local managed network services provider providing Southern California organizations with customized network solutions including dark fiber.

With SCE, businesses receive:

  • High performance, secure, and scalable optical network services
  • Reliable, resilient and self-healing DWDM core
  • A fully managed optical network infrastructure with 24/7 monitoring and support

Interested in leveraging optical wavelength solutions to address your organization’s security, performance, and capacity needs? Contact us today and one of our network experts will be happy to discuss your options and answer any questions.

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