Boost Office Productivity with these 5 Techniques

Productive offices get more done—their workers complete projects faster and bring in more revenue for their organizations. While every employee will have a different level of work ethic, office managers have control over several aspects of the workplace that can encourage better team performance. 

Below you will find several techniques managers can use to encourage office productivity: 

Revamp Office Conditions

When looking for ways to nurture productivity at the workplace, you should first look at the office area itself, specifically with lighting and decoration. Studies show that natural light has a positive effect on mental health, productivity, and job satisfaction. With that in mind, walk around your office, identify places that aren’t getting enough lighting, and adjust curtains and blinds accordingly to let in more sunlight. For areas away from windows, consider installing more lighting.

Lighting color is also an important aspect to consider when looking at your workplace. Cool-colored lights (blue or white) and lighting close to a natural light color (around 5000k) work best to encourage alertness and concentration, so try and use those throughout your employee’s work areas. 

From a decor perspective, be sure to decorate your office walls with vibrant colors to liven up the work environment. Don’t forget the plants—studies show the presence of greenery can also increase productivity by around 15%

Reduce the Amount of Unnecessary Meetings

We’ve all sat through a meeting and thought to ourselves, “This could have been covered in an email.” Not all calls are created equal, so identify syncs that can be trimmed or removed that don’t impact the overall quality of work. To accomplish this, try reducing one hour meetings to 45 minutes and staying on task to give everyone back 15 minutes to work on other things or take a quick break between tasks.

One strategy that can help ensure teams use meeting times efficiently is to notify staff ahead of time about what will be covered in a call so they can prepare ahead of time and waste less time during the meeting trying to get on the same page. You can also check in with team members via messaging apps, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, about the status of projects and ask if anyone needs help instead of scheduling a formal meeting about it. 

Train Your Staff and Offer Skill Improvement Opportunities

One of the most consistent ways to increase office productivity is periodically training staff on new technology, techniques, and processes to continue building their skills. These sessions are an opportunity to introduce employees to new software that will help streamline their project management or cover how to do a standard task more efficiently. 

When hosting training meetings, be sure to record them so those who did not attend can review the content afterward and so future employees can access it. These videos should be stored online for easy access for anyone at your company and can even be used as part of onboarding training to bring new hires up to speed on the best methods for conducting work. 

Not all types of training have to be live, however. Another option is for individuals to record themselves walking through the subject matter to later send out to the entire company for review. Most video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom, have the ability to record videos while sharing a screen. Another easy-to-use option is the Soapbox extension on Chrome.

To help encourage skill development, notify your team about new or relevant certifications they should get, such as through an online class program. This initiative could be baked into an internal leveling system or required periodically for all employees. 

Don’t Forget About Team Building 

Team relationships play a large role in workplace productivity. Employees that feel isolated are up to 21% less efficient at their work. On the other hand, teams that communicate well and are better connected are 25% more productive.

Offer your employees opportunities to spend non-work-related time together in the form of lunch-ins, happy hours, and out-of-office activities to provide them a place to build team chemistry and become more connected. You should also check in periodically with your team about any issues between coworkers or within groups to address any blockers that can stand in the way of collaboration.

Leverage a Reliable, High-Speed Network

In the modern business world, network speeds directly affect office performance. Teams that have slow upload and download speeds waste more time than those that don’t, and these delays can add up over time and push back projects. Internet downtime can also catastrophically affect business efficiency if it happens too often. 

By leveraging a reliable, high-speed network, employees can more consistently access the files they need, communicate more efficiently and conduct research faster, boosting overall team productivity. If your office is struggling with suboptimal network speeds, frequent downtime, or limited bandwidth Edison Carrier Solutions can help. Reach out to our team today, and we can go over your network-related challenges and find the solution that works best for your team.

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