Does Your Business Need a Dedicated Internet Connection?

Technology and network connections are becoming increasingly important for businesses. Once general tools used to manage daily operations, they’re now major sources of competitive advantage. Today, the right network connection can increase productivity, mitigate risk, and improve security.

But despite increasingly high-speed and high-bandwidth business internet options, many organizations still struggle with their connections. Slow speeds, intermittent connectivity, and outages that increase costs are all common.

Fiber internet has alleviated some of these issues, but businesses with mission-critical data needs often still find themselves struggling with network problems. The solution for many companies is a dedicated internet connection.

What is a Dedicated Internet Connection?

Also is known as dedicated internet access (DIA), a dedicated internet connection ensures you receive the bandwidth you purchased. Unlike a shared internet connection (what most residential customers and many businesses use), you’re the only organization using your network circuit. The only demands on the connection come from your business.Dedicated internet connections help businesses get the network capabilities they need.

Dedicated internet connections support remote connectivity, IPsec VPNs between sites, cloud apps and similar services. There are several different types of dedicated connections, including Ethernet over copper and DSL, dedicated fixed wireless and T-1s/T-3s., but they all contain five key characteristics:¹

  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • Synchronous upload and download speeds
  • Better throughput
  • Availability of service level agreements
  • Low latency
  • Highly reliable connection

How to Determine if Your Business Needs a Dedicated Connection

Many smaller or mid-sized businesses can function effectively with a shared connection. Shared connections are appropriate when some problems, such as intermittently slower speeds and lack of bandwidth, don’t compromise performance.

If a slow or ineffective connection is a chronic problem, however, you may need to evaluate more robust connections. In the case that you’re already maxing out speed options from your current provider, dedicated internet access is the next logical step.

A dedicated internet connection is a good option for enterprises that need guaranteed speed and bandwidth. Companies that commonly have voluminous outgoing and incoming data transfers (or are enabling big data initiatives) and high demand for bandwidth-heavy operations such as streaming, website operations, and backup servers will all benefit from having a private connection. DIA also is a good idea if you have 20 or more employees are sharing a connection and when uninterrupted uptime is vital.²

Benefits of Dedicated Internet Connections

Dedicated internet access brings several key benefits for businesses:

  • Low latency and highly reliable internet connection
  • Increases flexibility in network use and applications
  • Helps businesses scale and grow with reliable resources

Businesses considering a dedication connection should determine their priorities and how DIA could help them achieve key initiatives.

Use Dedicated Internet Access to Improve Productivity and Facilitate Growth

While dedicated internet access for enterprises has been around for years, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses. The faster and more reliable connections are for major headquarters and branch offices, the better businesses can function, improving productivity and competitive advantage.

If a dedicated internet connection can solve chronic problems in your business, consider researching local managed network services providers with privately-owned fiber optic networks. These providers are hyper-focused on your area and often known not only for their networks, but also for their customer service. Look for a variety of options, including DIA, Ethernet, and wavelength services, all with a variety of speeds. The wider the range of options and speeds, the more likely you are to find a solution that fits your business now, but can also scale with you as you grow.


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