Why Dedicated Internet Access is the Best Fit for Enterprises

In the world of business, network downtime hurts employee productivity, which negatively impacts revenue streams. While it might be tempting to cut costs and use an inexpensive, shared network, businesses will profit from investing in a private, network option.

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is a high-bandwidth connectivity option that provides organizations with a reliable and secure internet connection dedicated to its needs via a private circuit direct to the internet. Unlike alternatives such as shared internet access or standard business internet packages, DIA gives enterprises exclusive use of the network and enables a private connection that helps protect company operations from unplanned downtime.

Here is why the bandwidth connectivity, synchronous upload and download speeds, and network support options make DIA ideal for larger businesses.

Guaranteed Bandwidth

On a standard shared network, internet speed is determined by the total bandwidth on the connection divided by the number of networks using it at that time. During peak times, businesses on a shared package would experience lags and sluggish internet speeds as a result of an overcrowded bandwidth connection. While this might be acceptable for personal use, or even small businesses, for an enterprise, this could be detrimental to a company’s profitability.

Unlike shared networks, Dedicated Internet Access For Enterprises provides companies with a specific, symmetrical, amount of bandwidth that is for the business’ exclusive use. Therefore, it won’t be affected by times of increased usage. The success of an enterprise relies on uninterrupted internet access to achieve maximum productivity, making DIA the ideal choice.

Synchronous Upload and Download Speeds

On shared networks, download speeds are usually significantly faster than upload speeds. In personal applications, this is because users download more data than they upload. While asynchronous upload and download speeds are acceptable for personal use, enterprises have different priorities. In business applications, employees rely heavily on video conferencing, cloud-based storage, and communication platforms to move business objectives forward. Slow upload speeds can delay operations and directly impact productivity and revenue.

Because of the network terms, Dedicated Internet Access guarantees equal download and upload speeds at all times. For businesses, this ensures employees can rely on the network connection around the clock for all applications, regardless of whether download or upload capabilities are required.

Robust Network Support

Enterprise employees should focus on executing business objectives, not managing network equipment or maintenance efforts. When choosing a network solution, leadership teams rely on service-level agreements (SLA) to outline critical considerations such as the network provider’s customer service availability, network monitoring, average repair times, and network reliability preferences.

Dedicated Internet Access networks are fully managed by the network provider, meaning enterprises don’t have to invest in required equipment and maintenance staff. Once set up, the provider assumes responsibility for ensuring the network connection adheres to terms outlined in the SLA. For a tailored customer service experience, consider a local network provider. Local providers specialize in implementing and managing high-quality networks in a specific area, resulting in a faster service response rate and less downtime for purchasing businesses.

As cloud-based operations and the reliance on digital tools and applications becomes standard, companies will need a network solution designed to accommodate the changing needs of the business. Dedicated Internet Access helps enterprises stay connected with an exclusive network option with added security benefits, reliable bandwidth and upload speeds, and unrivaled network support options.

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