Dedicated Internet Connection vs Shared – What's Best For Your Organization?

Dedicated and shared connections are two common internet configurations that organizations
can leverage to support their network-related needs. Both options have their pros and cons,
which can make it difficult to decide on which is the right fit for each company. Here’s what you
should know about dedicated internet connection vs. shared, and why you should opt for one
over the other:

What is a dedicated internet connection?

A dedicated internet connection can be defined as a private leased network line between an ISP and a single customer, usually one enterprise. The dedicated connection is usually symmetrical, meaning customers receive equal upload and download speeds, which is useful for transferring files in both directions, such as with video conferencing or cloud file transfers. Other benefits of dedicated internet include:

  • Increased Reliability
    As part of leveraging a dedicated internet solution, organizations agree to a service level agreement which guarantees a minimum level of downtime to fix connectivity issues which promote network reliability.
  • Performance
    Since dedicated network connections are made available for only one customer, that organization receives consistent bandwidth, no matter the time of day or number of active users, allowing for maximum performance.
  • Scalability
    Dedicated internet connections can be upgraded as needed and are customizable to fit current and future bandwidth needs.
  • Security
    The private circuit runs directly to an organization’s location, ensuring that the network is used only by approved users therefore reducing interference.

What is a shared internet connection?

Unlike dedicated internet, shared internet connections provide bandwidth to a specific capacity, shared among all subscribers or customers. Benefits of the shared internet configuration include:

  • Reduced Costs
    Since the connection is shared between multiple customers, the cost is split between them, reducing network and IT expenses.
  • Variety of Available Options
    The majority of ISPs offer shared internet connections, which means organizations should have no problem finding a provider to customize a shared solution for them.

Shared internet connections aren’t without their drawbacks, however. The disadvantages of shared connections include makingnetworks more vulnerable to attacks, slowing network speed, and using up more available bandwidth.

dedicated internet connection vs shared

Dedicated internet connection vs. shared – which is best?

There are several factors that will determine whether a shared or dedicated internet connection is the best fit for your organization.

If your organization has limited IT or network funds, such as with smaller sized businesses, then shared connections will be the best fit to provide networks at lower cost. The caveat with shared connections is that while a business may subscribe to a 100 Mbps shared internet plan, they will likely never reach the maximum speed while splitting the connection with other subscribers during high traffic periods. 

If your organization has to support remote users and leverages technology including cloud applications, video conferencing programs, and VoIP phone systems, then dedicated internet access will provide more reliable communications and faster data transfer speeds compared to a shared network infrastructure, which cannot provide the same level of consistent bandwidth availability. 

Organizations handling sensitive data should opt for private dedicated internet access to reduce the chance of expensive cyberattacks or breaches.

Leverage Reliable Dedicated Internet Through SCE

SCE Carrier Solutions specializes in providing organizations across Southern California with dependable, cost-effective, and scalable dedicated internet access (DIA) by leveraging optimized switched ethernet technology. 

SCE’s dedicated internet access for enterprises solution is a great fit for small and growing businesses seeking a private and high-speed network to support their mission-critical needs and promote productivity. Our dedicated connection service is fully managed by us, which means you won’t have to spend extra money investing in equipment and maintenance. 


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