Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing; Organizations benefit from fiber networks' capabilities

Organizations leveraging fiber optic networks have access to Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) capabilities, which essentially divides fiber cable bandwidth into multiple, smaller channels, which increases bandwidth. This technology is extremely useful for enterprises, schools, and government agencies looking to increase data transmission capacity and speeds while getting the most value for their investment. 

What is Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing?

Fiber optic cables use light to send and receive data. With DWDM technology, the pulses of light can be split into multiple wavelengths and are designed to not interfere or intersect with each other. 

The process of multiplexing different wavelength signals onto a single fiber involves employing parallel optical channels using slightly varied light wavelengths. The “dense” aspect of DWDM refers to its capability of splitting a single optical fiber into more than 80 separate wavelengths, each 0.8 of a nanometer wide

What Are the Advantages of Fiber’s DWDM Aspect? 

Organizations leveraging optical networks gain several unique benefits through DWDM technology including:

Increased Capacity

Fiber networks’ DWDM aspect allows businesses to increase their network bandwidth by transmitting multiple signals at different wavelengths across the same fiber. DWDM equipment enables organizations to leverage a dedicated wavelength of light solely for their use by separating the wavelengths. Since the wavelength is yours exclusively, you have a dedicated point-to-point circuit that transports your network traffic. The technology also allows businesses to send multiple forms of multimedia content to be sent over the same fiber.

Fast and Secure Data Transfers

Since DWDM carries data across separate wavelengths, they do not interfere with each other, promoting fast transfer speeds and security, such as when multiple entities are using the same data center. Each additional wavelength can send and receive data at 2.5 Gbps or 10 Gbps and higher, increasing single fiber bandwidth significantly.

Reduced Costs

Due to DWDM’s ability to get the most performance and capacity out of a single optical fiber, the technology reduces network transmission costs.

Reliability and Customization 

By splitting the optical fiber into multiple channels, organizations can dependably access their dedicated network and have greater control over its setup. With DWDM’s network reliability benefits, organizations have virtually unlimited flexibility over network capacity and scalability. 

Which Industries Can Best Benefit from Fiber DWDM Technology?

FIber’s DWDM ability to increase network capacity is extremely useful for industries including: 


For government agencies, fiber’s DWDM capabilities allow them to transfer data quickly because of the efficient and direct fiber connection with minimal stops along the private circuit. In addition, the separation of the channels, even when sourced from the same data center, enables government organizations to securely transmit sensitive data. 


School districts can leverage fiber to continue to scale up their network capacity to support a larger student and faculty population, as well as to meet increased needs for internet-based applications, such as with the cloud. 


Enterprises can benefit from using fiber networks to increase their bandwidth whenever the need arises as they grow their staff, implement new cloud-based technology, and require faster network speeds with higher performance and lower latency. 

Leverage DWDM Advantages Through SCE Fiber Networks

SCE Carrier Solutions provides enterprises, schools, and government agencies with dark fiber services, which feature DWDM technology. SCE’s fiber optic solutions are customized to address unique network challenges and are designed for performance, security, and scalable network capabilities. 

With SCE fiber, agencies receive:

  • Customizable 50 Mb/s- 10G+ speeds
  • Highly secure data transfers over private lines
  • Full network flexibility over its configuration

Interested in learning how your organization can leverage the advantages of DWDM with fiber optic solutions? Contact us today and one of our network experts will be happy to answer any questions.



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