How to Overcome Common Enterprise Network Challenges

Enterprises face several network-related challenges that can affect their competitiveness and ability to grow and serve customers. Challenges such as costly network investments, low performance, and tedious management plagues many organizations. However, with the right strategies and expert guidance, enterprises can quickly overcome them and focus on achieving their business goals.

Common Enterprise Network Challenges

While each business may experience their own unique network problems, there are several that remain consistent for enterprises working across any industry: 

High Costs

It’s expensive for enterprises to install, maintain, and upgrade their network infrastructure to meet desired bandwidth, speed, and security levels. Since new equipment is costly, businesses need to do the proper research to ensure they achieve their desired return on investment. 

Poor Performance

Time = money. In the business world, slow internet means reduced productivity which ultimately impacts revenue and the bottom line. Out of date network equipment or suboptimal setups can cause reduced performance for enterprises, hindering their users’ ability to complete necessary tasks. 

Inadequate Security

Enterprises send and store mission-critical data on a daily basis, requiring highly secure networks that are protected from malicious attacks. Having the necessary network protections are essential for preventing detrimental breaches, which cost businesses an average of 3.86 million per breach.

Lack of Scalability

As businesses offer new services and expand their team size, they require increased network capacity to support growth. Scalable networks enable enterprises to quickly ramp up or down adjusting bandwidth as needed, promoting network agility. 

Maintenance and Management 

Managing a network can be tedious and time-consuming work for internal IT teams. Networks can suddenly run into connection or hardware-related problems, requiring immediate attention. 

How to Overcome Enterprise Network Challenges

Enterprises looking to address and prevent network problems can leverage the following strategies: 

1. Perform a Network Audit

Businesses should routinely perform network diagnostics to identify traffic choke points, security vulnerabilities, and other problem areas within their network infrastructure. This insight is critical for determining how to boost performance and uptime, as well as identifying where the current setup can be altered to promote cost savings. This information will also be important for guiding future business network expansion.

2. Upgrade Existing Infrastructure

Enterprises will need to occasionally upgrade their network infrastructure to increase bandwidth capabilities and speed to meet business growth needs. While the existing network may be working, there is always room for improvement to increase upload and download speeds, security, and network reliability

Depending on their setup, businesses can make changes to their existing hardware to increase bandwidth, for example. Alternatively, enterprises can switch to a more effective network solution, such as Dark Fiber.

3. Work with a Managed Network Services Provider

Local managed network services providers (MNSPs) have the resources and expertise that enterprises can leverage to solve their unique network problems. Local MNSPs take a vested interest in their enterprise customers, familiarizing themselves with their business needs and tailoring their services help them build on their existing infrastructure or to find the right setup that will meet their network goals. One main benefit of a local MNSP is the ability and flexibility to provide on-site assistance when problems arise, providing businesses with fast support. 

Overcome Enterprise Network Problems With SCE Fiber

SCE Fiber is a local MNSP experienced in assisting enterprises with installing and upgrading their networks to address their business challenges.

With SCE, enterprises receive: 

  • Cost-effective network solutions designed for reliability, security, and performance
  • Proactive and personalized support
  • Expert guidance to detect and resolve network challenges

Interested in getting expert assistance in addressing your network-related problems?  Contact us today and one of our network experts will be happy to discuss your options and answer any questions.

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