How to Promote School Network Scalability

School network scalability is essential for ensuring that schools have a reliable network. As student and staff populations grow, teachers rely more heavily on internet-intensive learning tools, and schools should embrace cloud technologies for data storage and access.

The education sector tends to have limited resources dedicated to IT investments which can make it challenging for schools to integrate the network technologies and keep up with the latest advancements. Even so, schools are increasingly relying on cloud computing to store and handle data in lieu of managing data on local servers. The global cloud computing market for education is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of over 26 percent between 2017 and 20211.  

Having access to networks with seamless growth capabilities allows schools to provide students with a quality learning environment and reliable access to the resources and applications they need to succeed, even if classroom sizes increase.

Why Schools Require Scalable Networks

There are several reasons why academic institutions should leverage easily scalable internet for schools, including:

  • Schools are constantly expanding with a larger pool of network users
  • Schools are adding more devices than they had in the past, adding strain to existing networks
  • Schools and teachers leveraging new internet-intensive teaching platforms and cloud-based applications in the classroom

To future-proof their networks, academic institutions should plan for increased internet users before connections become strained, which cause slower load times and reduced productivity and learning. Designing a network setup with a flexible capacity allows schools to easily scale up their network infrastructure whenever the need arises. Staying ahead of the game allows academic institutions to remove the need for redesigning networks years down the road and enables them to seamlessly expand.

how to promote school network scalability

Best School Network Solutions for Scalability

Schools have access to several network services that help them achieve their capacity, accessibility, and growth goals.

Dark Fiber

Schools leveraging dark fiber can easily scale up capacity without reducing data transfer speeds or experiencing traffic bottlenecks. The flexible nature of dark fiber enables schools to reduce downtimes and remain flexible to growth.

Enable School Network Scalability With A Managed Network Services Provider

Schools require an easily expandable network as their internet user base grows and they embrace innovative new teaching technology. In order to promote an uninterrupted and reliable student learning experience, schools require a network that scales as they do, with as little complication or delay as possible.

A knowledgeable local Managed Network Services Provider (MNSP) is well-equipped to analyze a school’s current network setup and determine how to plan for future growth and promote seamless expansion. SCE Carrier Solutions has the industry expertise and equipment required to help schools decide which setup is the best fit for their unique growth needs. 

Interested in strengthening the scalability of your school’s network? Contact us today and one of our network experts will be happy to answer any questions.


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