Which Industries Are a Good Fit For a Dark Fiber Network and Why?

The network solution of dark fiber is booming in the telecommunication and network industries. Dark fiber allows large enterprises, educational institutions, media companies, and government agencies to leverage the high bandwidth capabilities. So what is dark fiber?

Dark Fiber refers to fiber optic strands that don’t have wavelengths of light moving through them, making it “dark” or unlit. Companies can lease dark fiber from network solution providers to obtain exclusive use of the fibers for a duration of time. Using dark fiber provides lessee the ability to be their own carrier and adjust wavelength and network traffic speeds, monitor network performance, and allow for self-selection of network equipment to support your company’s specific needs. These tailored services allow a variety of industries to exceed business requirements and goals as well as stay competitive in their respective spaces. What industries can benefit from dark fiber?


Large enterprises manage sizeable amounts of data to maintain daily operations. A network solution for enterprises and large businesses needs to be reliable and customizable to accommodate fluctuating business priorities.

The benefit of dark fiber is the full control enterprises have to configure their network for unique business needs, such as different network performance and data transmission speeds. This customizable network solution allows for changes to network speed and performance to be reconfigured in the future to enable business growth and change in priorities.

Telecom Carriers

Telecom carriers can face network-related challenges including frequent outages, limited scalability, and limited capacity, which can hinder their growth. As they roll out 5G and scale up their infrastructure , a strong network backbone is essential to ensure they can meet customer demands and offer consistent service.

Dark Fiber allows telecom operators to maintain high-performance connections for their mobile customers, while also reducing their overall latency. Another main benefit of dark fiber for carriers is the ability to provide physical redundancy in the event of downtime, such as with a natural disaster.


The trend towards online learning and streamlined digital processes is drastically changing the network needs of educational institutions. Especially in larger, multi-building campuses, the daily operations include a sizeable digital component that requires a high bandwidth, reliable, scalable, and controlled network environment.

A dark fiber network solution is adaptable to the service platform used by the school for easy implementation and enables the school management to upgrade their capacity as and when they need it.

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Civilians rely on local government organizations to improve the overall livelihood of their city. A reliable network solution is an essential part of government agencies fulfilling that expectation. Due to the sensitive nature of communications transferred over a government network on a daily basis, security is equally as important as the reliability of a network solution. Much of the data discussed is confidential and requires discretion.

Dark fiber is the most secure and customizable form of network services. Because dark fiber is leased for exclusive ownership, government agencies can control who sees data sent through its own privately-owned network. Therefore, confidential data can be securely transmitted throughout the network. As the government controls the equipment deployed, dark fiber enables the flexibility to expand capacity with the needs of the organization for a consistently reliable connection.

The advantages of a dark fiber network connection, such as the reliability and security of the solution, help explain the growth and increased demand for the solution. Dark fiber is a good fit for organizations with specific data and high bandwidth needs for their network infrastructure. Because the network providers’ involvement ends at the dark fiber layer, more established institutions with in-house technical staff and network equipment are better suited to manage a dark fiber investment. Large educational institutions, enterprises, and government agencies that require consistent network reliability and high-levels of security will benefit from the private network that data fiber enables.

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