4 Reasons Why Organizations Should Leverage Fiber Optic Cable Wavelength Services

Fiber optic cable wavelengths allow organizations to streamline data transfers and increase bandwidth speed, helping them plan for future growth. For businesses with specific speed, security, and configurability needs, wavelength-based networks are a good fit, enabling them to effectively and safely handle large amounts of mission-critical or sensitive data.

Components of Optical Wavelength Networks

Optical networking involves using signals of light across fiber cables to transmit information between devices or to the end user. This form of communication is typically seen in telecommunications, such as with local-area (LAN) and wide-area (WAN) networks. 

One powerful aspect of optical networks is dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM), which allows companies to increase network bandwidth by transmitting multiple signals at different wavelengths across the same fiber. DWDM equipment separates wavelengths to ensure businesses have a dedicated wavelength of light solely for their use and allows unique bandwidth management capabilities to send multiple forms of multimedia content to be sent over the same fiber. 

When determining if optical wavelength networks are the right fit, consider the following advantages:

High Speeds

Companies leveraging wavelength networks receive reliable, fast data transfer speeds because the private circuit prevents traffic bottlenecks. Dedicated connectivity provides high performance and low latency data transfers, allowing organizations to reliably access their network at optimal speeds.

High Security

With networks leveraging wavelength through optic cables, data is kept private to the customer’s private circuit, promoting security. In addition, the network provider will be unable to view the information or data packets being transferred— they will only know the wavelength is being used.

Customized Scalability

Optical wavelengths can carry whatever types of traffic an organization requires, whether that’s voice, video, or data. In addition, customers can configure their network infrastructure and scale  depending on their bandwidth or speed needs with less hassle.

Hands-Off Management

Optical wavelength networks are fully managed by managed network services providers (MNSPs), allowing organizations to focus on their business goals and objectives, not infrastructure management. MNSPs can continually monitor the fiber to resolve issues as they arise, promoting uptime.

Leverage Tailored Wavelength Network Solutions Through SCE

SCE Carrier Solutions provides organizations with reliable, secure, and scalable optical wavelength services, tailored to their unique network needs. As a local MNSP, SCE takes the time to analyze your existing network infrastructure and determine what improvements can be made to overcome your network challenges and achieve your business growth goals.

With SCE your organization will receive:

  • A fully managed wavelength infrastructure with 24/7 monitoring and support
  • Speeds beginning at 1Gbps and reaching past 10 Gbps
  • Reliable, resilient and self-healing DWDM core

Interested in learning how your enterprises could leverage wavelength services to increase network speeds and security? Contact us today and one of our network experts will be happy to answer any questions.

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