6 Services from Telecom Infrastructure Companies in SoCal that Help Carriers Scale

The telecommunications industry is under increasing pressure as customers demand high speeds and data transport, as well as implementing big data initiatives for their businesses. To keep up with demands, carriers are investing billions of dollar in infrastructure and service enhancements to help them grow.

For your carrier business to grow and scale you need to:

  • Improve the quality of service you provide. The faster the speeds and the higher the quality of your offerings, the more customers you’ll win and retain.
  • Expand your coverage. Gain market share by offering service to more customers in a wider area.
  • Compete in a crowded marketplace. Fewer custom builds and proprietary infrastructure will help you expand faster at a lower cost, so you can outpace competitors.

You can’t always do all three with your current resources, which is why many carriers partner with telecom infrastructure companies. Telecom infrastructure companies can fill the gaps in your own capabilities so you can achieve key growth initiatives.

However, each telecom company offers a different portfolio of services and infrastructure; each has its strengths and weaknesses. To build a successful partnership that achieves your goals, you need to carefully match your needs to the infrastructure company’s offerings and track record.

Below are five services from telecom infrastructure companies that will help you achieve your business goals and signal that you’ve found a long-term, growth-oriented partner.Scale more effectively with services from telecom infrastructure companies.

1. Wireless Backhaul

Wireless backhaul, which is an alternative to that offered by the ILECs, can be delivered offered in a number of ways. Traffic can be backhauled by Ethernet or Ethernet-over-SONET with connection speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps. Telecom infrastructure companies often have access to extensive inter-LATA connections.

2. Wireless Infrastructure

Mobile carriers can supplement their network with transmission towers, streetlights and other elements in a telecom infrastructure company’s portfolio. Existing wireless infrastructure is ideal when you need to expand your reach without the time and expense that comes with building and maintaining your own assets.

Many telecom infrastructure companies also offer GIS services that match client carrier search rings with infrastructure options, transmission towers, rights to land where poles can be erected and places to put small cell antennas and supporting equipment.

3. Carrier-Specific Solutions and Zoning Support

Due to the diversity of their assets, many telecom infrastructure companies serve both communication service providers and business or residential entities. If you’re looking into one of these companies, make sure they have specialized carrier solutions with a dedicated point of contact so you consistently and quickly access the expertise you need.

Carrier-specific solutions may include support installing wireless infrastructure equipment, engineering design, and a self-healing DWDM core. Local telecom infrastructure providers may also offer sites where you can build your own infrastructure without acquiring land. The best companies will lend you zoning expertise and attend public meetings to support your needs. In some cases, customers can provision their own LAN and WAN and restoration is configurable.

4. Dark Fiber

Dark fiber is an important asset because of its flexibility and scalability. Dark fiber’s long lease terms, dedicated capacity, and complete control make it easy for carriers to customize wavelength and traffic speed to their chosen service platform to meet customer demands. As needs change, you have the flexibility to change network infrastructure to meet new business needs.

Evaluate Customer Needs and Find a Partner that Helps You Grow

As your individual customers and businesses are expanding in size, technology mix, and data requirements, you need to grow your capacity. Telecom infrastructure companies are invaluable partners in efforts to keep end customers satisfied. Evaluate your customers’ needs and where you anticipate demands to grow in the future, then evaluate the services and support options each company offers in order to find the right partner to grow your business.


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