The 4 Best Fiber Network Solutions for Government Agencies in Southern California

Every year, Government agencies face an increased risk of becoming victim to a cyber-attack. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, US Government agencies suffered 1108 data breaches between 2005 and 20181. With confidential and financial records at risk of being exposed, it is crucial to state, local, and federal Governmental organizations to adopt a reliable and secure fiber network solution to decrease this risk of a cyber attack.

There are several different fiber network solutions available to Government agencies, but determining whether a solution is suitable for your organization can be difficult. The wrong network service can lead to higher costs, unreliable connections, and increased risk of a cyber attack.

Here are the three major fiber network solutions suitable to Government agencies throughout Southern California.

1. Switched Ethernet service

A switched Ethernet managed service is a great fit for agencies and business customers that don’t have extensive IT experience in-house. Switched Ethernet uses multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), a platform that allows private switching over a public network to achieve high network reliability and performance in a cost-effective way. MPLS is also highly scalable, leaving lots of room for an agency to add more data and voice in the future. It also includes features like video surveillance for public safety and inter-agency video conferencing among sites.

Some switched Ethernet services offer custom pricing to help agencies receive the best possible price, in addition to the committed information rates (CIRs). This service means that bandwidth available to your agency won’t fall below the CIR during normal operating conditions.

2. Dark fiber

Dark fiber is fiber optic cabling that has been laid but isn’t currently being used for communications. Dark fiber networks provide high capacity, as multiple data signals can be sent simultaneously at different wavelengths. Government agencies can benefit from dark fiber with the customizable configuration and control capabilities, to enhance security. A dark fiber solution means customers lease unlit fiber optic strands that they manage privately in-house and can tailor to suit their individual network needs.

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3. Wavelength services

In contrast, a wavelength solution is a managed dark fiber service. Wavelength services provide significant configurability benefits for small to mid-sized agencies and businesses, without specialized in-house management requirements or an extensive financial investment by the customer.

Customers simply lease a wavelength of light for sending data along a fiber optic cable under a managed network provider. Agencies and business customers can easily scale their data capacity while relying on a network service provider to administer the complex optical network infrastructure. Again, a wavelength service provides private network control for increased security measures that Government agencies need.

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Increase Network Security with A Fiber Network Solution

As the use for storing data in the cloud and migrating to cloud environments increases, so does the challenge of securing networks. Enterprises and Government agencies with mission-critical and confidential data should implement a variety of techniques to reduce the risk of a data breach. These techniques can include effective monitoring, training of IT staff, and critical selection of a fiber network solution provider.


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