Wavelength Services for Telecom: A Great Fit For Growing Carriers

Wavelength services are a good match for small and medium-sized telecom companies looking for cost-effective, reliable, and highly private connectivity to support their customers. 

Under this network type, carriers lease a wavelength of light along a fiber optic cable to transmit data. The service is fully managed by a network service provider, helping free up internal IT teams to focus on more important tasks, such as growth projects.

For operators looking to grow their service offerings or subscriber base, the managed solution enables seamless scalability without the need to take on additional infrastructure responsibility. In addition, wavelength services are ideal for companies with smaller or shrinking budgets since they are more cost-effective than some other dedicated-line solutions.

Recent Trends Within the Telecom Industry 

Some of the biggest challenges within the telecom industry can be solved with wavelength-based networks. They include:

Security Threats

Telecom carriers and their customers continue to implement new communication technologies, such as internet of things (IoT) devices or 5G, which provides benefits ranging from increased speeds to easier network accessibility. These developments create new security vulnerabilities, however, with a greater number of connected devices…

Increased Capacity Needed to Serve Customers

The presence of connected technology leveraging telecommunications networks continues to grow as consumers and businesses have more access to the latest technologies and mobile devices. Cloud-based applications and other network-intensive activities place a strain on carrier network bandwidth, requiring operators to have to upgrade their network infrastructure to continue providing high-quality connectivity.  

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Why Should Carriers Leverage Wavelength Services?

The additional bandwidth capacity from wavelength services helps support customer multimedia activities including making video calls, browsing the internet, and transferring large files. Especially with the implementation of 5G, telecom operators will need more capacity than ever before to provide reliable connectivity while increasing download speeds, promoting efficiency, and expanding network capabilities. 

Wavelength services provide three main advantages for telecom operators: 

Increased Security

Carriers receive an additional layer of security compared to other network options with wavelength services because data isn’t bundled with any other organizations. In addition, network providers are unable to see the data being transmitted—they can see the wavelength is being used, but cannot view the information being sent.

Highly Customizable 

Wavelength services provide significant configurability benefits, without requiring specialized in-house management or an extensive financial investment by the customer. Carriers have complete control over the network’s capacity, speed, and other factors, allowing them to scale up bandwidth to meet business or customer needs as they arise. This is important for operators looking to provide 5G to their customers leveraging more connected devices and conducting more network-intensive activities.

Fast Performance

Because wavelength services dedicate an entire wavelength of light to an individual carrier, they don’t have to worry about other traffic or data loads, enabling reliable network speeds at the specified range. 

In addition, wavelength-sourced networks have built-in wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) capabilities, which separates light wavelengths to ensure carriers have a dedicated point-to-point circuit to transport network traffic.

Address Telecom Challenges With Customized Wavelength Services

SCE Carrier Solutions provides carriers and other organizations with dependable wavelength services across Southern California. Our wavelength network solutions are designed for high-speed data transmission and security, ensuring carriers can provide high-quality connections for their customers.

With SCE, carriers receive:

  • 1 Gbps, 2.5 Gbps, and 10Gbps+ speed options
  • Route diversity and equipment protection
  • Proactive network support and troubleshooting

Do you think wavelength services could be a great fit for your business? Reach out to the SCE Fiber team and we can hop on a call to discuss your current network challenges and what solutions our wavelength services could bring to your company.

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