What setups are best for secure network design?

Modern networks require secure setups to ensure mission-critical data and sensitive communications are private and protected from outside parties looking to steal or access information being transmitted.

While every organization should have secure networks, the stakes are higher in some industries than others. Here are industries that stand the most to gain by leveraging secure networks: 

Government Agencies

When it comes to handling government data, secure network design is paramount. Government agencies are often the subject of malicious breaches due to the sensitive nature of the data that is transmitted via agency networks. During 2020, the average data breach cost for the public sector was $1.6 million.  Networks designed for privacy and security are essential for government organizations looking to protect classified data from falling into nefarious hands.


As businesses expand and bring on more users, devices, applications, and platforms, they are transmitting larger volumes of data that, when breached, can cost businesses an average of $150 per record lost. Private, non-bundled network connections add an additional layer of security and decrease the chance of a security breach. 


Schools transfer confidential data and files over their networks related to students, teachers, and administrators, which can be targeted by malicious attackers. In 2020, the average education sector data breach cost $7.1 million dollars. Schools can leverage closed-circuit networks to help mitigate this risk and keep their data transmissions safe. 


Hackers targeting carriers often look for security gaps and vulnerable devices within their networks. With the advent of 5G, many telecom operators have introduced new security complications by leveraging cloud services and embracing Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. 

Secure Network Setups

Organizations looking to better protect their data transfers can upgrade to or install networks designed for privacy and security including:

Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber provides organizations with a private, dedicated physical network infrastructure with the ability to add extra encryption by individual wavelength connection. Since the optical lines are privately owned, companies are not dependent on a service provider and it’s increasingly difficult for outside entities to tap into them without visiting the premises in person. In addition, outside entities cannot view or track data and information being transferred via the optical cables. 

Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access is a secure network that doesn’t necessitate sharing the internet connection with outside entities. This type of setup helps protect against breaches and outside security threats. Since companies have to worry less about threats from other networks or users outside of their organization, this frees up resources to invest in addressing other security risks. 

Switched Ethernet

Switched ethernet is another private network setup designed so network providers cannot see information being sent and received. Ethernet switches function with wired connections, which are inherently more secure than wireless-only connections. In addition, switched ethernet includes safety protocols that help control information sharing to protect sensitive information transfers.

Wavelength Services

With wavelength services, organizations lease one specific wavelength of light to carry information, increasing the privacy and security of the network. Like with some of the aforementioned network setups, data being transmitted isn’t bundled with other customers’ and providers are unable to see the packets of data being sent. Since the wavelengths are isolated from other data channels, they are reliably more secure than some other network options. 

Leverage Secure Network Solutions Through ECS

Edison Carrier Solutions provides enterprises, government agencies, telecom carriers, and schools within Southern California with secure network solutions they can rely on to protect their most essential and sensitive data being sent and received. Our network options are designed for privacy and are continually monitored by a dedicated support team to address security vulnerabilities as they arise. 

Looking to increase your network security? ECS can help. Reach out today and a member from our team will be able to discuss your privacy needs and solution options.

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