Which Enterprise-Level Managed Network Services Best Address Connectivity Challenges?

 Enterprises rely heavily on their networks to support day-to-day operations as they continue to innovate and grow their business. As they expand, they require a network with the necessary capacity, speed, security, and scalability to support their short and long-term objectives. One effective way to address these needs, offload maintenance tasks, and boost performance is to leverage managed solutions from a network services provider.

Top Enterprise Network Challenges

Enterprises encounter  different network struggles depending on their industry, number of users , and growth objectives. Common challenges include keeping costs down, upgrading their infrastructure to meet necessary performance and bandwidth needs, reducing security risks, and alleviatiating their IT teams.

Driving Down Network Costs

Enterprise networks are costly to maintain and upgrade, especially when replacing legacy systems, and choosing the wrong network type can be expensive to correct. Unreliable networks lead to additional financial challenges, as IT downtimes cost businesses an estimated $5,600 per minute. 


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Scaling Bandwidth Effectively

Large and growing enterprises are constantly thinking ahead; in order to expand service offerings and team sizes, upgrading network capacity is often the solution. With more employees and network-intensive activities, businesses must stay ahead of their bandwidth needs or risk bottlenecking their employees and reducing staff productivity. 


One major challenge for an enterprise is finding a way to upgrade its infrastructure efficiently to quickly ramp up to meet new network demands. Network scaling issues can also happen in the reverse situation—where an enterprise needs to decrease its network capacity after a seasonal demand goes away to save costs.

Operating With Low Performance Internet

Slow internet and data transfer speeds can have a direct impact on employee productivity and profitability, forcing workers to take longer to complete their internet-intensive tasks. Low performance networks also impact staff morale if they become frustrated with page load and file retrieval times, which can cause them to dislike their job or their company over time if left unfixed.


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Overburdening IT Staff

Managing a network infrastructure can be time consuming and take IT staff focus away from other business objectives. As an enterprise grows, its network becomes more complex to maintain, which often requires even more attention than before. Businesses that don’t outsource network maintenance tasks put the onus on their internal teams, which can quickly max out their bandwidth.

Addressing Security Concerns

Data is one of the most valuable assets that enterprises own, and is frequently targeted by malicious attackers. Businesses that experience a breach faced an average cost of $3.8 million in 2020, which can significantly cripple  bottom lines and create lasting financial effects. One major network obstacle is finding the best setup that will ensure privacy and protection from data or communication theft, while balancing costs. 

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Best Enterprise-Level Managed Network Services

Enterprises can overcome network roadblocks by upgrading their existing infrastructure or switching to a network service that better fits their needs. Larger businesses typically prioritize uptime, speed, security, and scalability when selecting the right network. Network services that are designed for enterprise needs include ethernet, wavelength services, dark fiber, and dedicated internet access. 

Ethernet Services 

Ethernet services provide enterprises with high speeds and security that larger companies need to ensure high performance and reliable connectivity for their employees. The service also allows growing enterprises to easily scale with the option to upgrade to different speeds and bandwidth as needed.

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Wavelength Services

Enterprises with in-house IT expertise can leverage wavelength services to meet their network performance, security, and customization needs. Since the service provides businesses with a dedicated wavelength of light, the setup promotes fast data transfer speeds and is designed to be private from outside organizations and the provider. 

Dark Fiber

Dark fiber provides enterprises with highly-secure and customizable connectivity. One primary advantage of the service is the ability to transmit multiple data signals simultaneously on different wavelengths. In addition, businesses can upgrade network equipment when they see fit, and can specify the wavelength, speed, and protocols to their unique needs.

Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated internet access (DIA) is another good fit for enterprises handling large file transfers or needing highly secure connectivity. Companies leveraging DIA receive symmetrical upload and download speeds, which is ideal for videoconferencing and cloud upload and downloads. In addition, businesses using this network type receive a guaranteed minimal level of downtime, which saves costs and promotes productivity. 

Edison Carrier Solutions provides enterprises with high-performance, reliable, and secure network solutions including Dedicated Internet Access, Switched Ethernet, Dark Fiber, and Wavelength Services. If you are struggling with any of the challenges listed above or have immediate network needs you can reach out to our team here and we will assist you.


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