Business Internet Service


Reliable and high-speed internet service is critical for an organization’s productivity. SCE Carrier Solutions provides expert customer support and a reliable business internet service with high-bandwidth capability for enterprises around Southern California

Reduce Poor Internet Service and Increase Productivity

A decrease in organizational productivity can occur from poor internet services caused by:

  • Low-speed internet
  • Lack of coverage
  • Unreliable and drop-out connections
  • Inability to transport high volumes of data

Poor internet can cause a loss of revenue due to downtime and maintenance costs. The business internet service offered at SCE Carrier Solutions promotes productivity and efficiency with a high-speed coverage across a 50,000 square mile service area of Southern California.

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Reduce the Risk of an Insecure Network

The average cost of a data breach for an US organization is $7.9 million¹. It is crucial for a business to have secure internet coverage. SCE Carrier Solutions provides a secure business internet service, which can be customized for different levels of network control to increase data security and lower your risk.


Business internet service

Find the Right Business Internet Service for Your Company


The network needs of organizations can change and need the ability to scale as companies take on more work, handle sensitive information, and add employees. Finding the right provider can be difficult. SCE Carrier Solutions provides business internet service with flexible solutions that can be tailored to your needs so you can reach optimal performance levels.


business internet solutions