Dedicated Internet Access for Enterprises

Reduce Connectivity Failure

Poor Internet access and unreliable connections can reduce productivity and efficiency. Dedicated Internet access includes features that lower the risk of problems and increase connectivity so enterprises can focus on what’s most important – growth.

Reduce Security Risks

With a standard Internet connection, your enterprise is at a higher risk of cybersecurity threats. SCE Carrier Solutions’ dedicated Internet access for enterprises is a reliable and secure solution that reduces your risk and helps ensure data security.


Dedicate internet access for enterprises

Increase Network Performance With Dedicated Internet Access

Improve Connectivity and Security with Dedicated Internet Access for Enterprises


Edison Carrier Solutions adds value to organizations with their dedicated Internet access for enterprises by:

  • Offering the connectivity and security an enterprise level organization needs
  • Customizing a network solution to support enterprise growth
  • Offering flexible solutions to adapt to business change
  • High-bandwidth connections
  • Service areas of 50,000+ sq mile for greater access
  • 140+ on-net locations

Dedicated internet access

Interested in leveraging customized dedicated internet access to increase network reliability and performance? Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your options and answer any questions you may have.


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