Internet for Schools

Reduce Inefficiency in the Classroom


With a greater shift to online classes, cloud technology, and tablet and computer teaching aids, the requirements for internet for schools has changed. Inconsistent and slow internet connections reduce productivity and efficiency in the classroom. In order for students and staff to perform at the high capacity expected, the internet provided needs to also perform at this high capacity. SCE Carrier Solutions provides multiple solutions to maximize efficiency and high performance.

Switched Ethernet
Dedicated Internet Access
Wavelength Services
Dark Fiber

Reduce inefficiency in the classroom with SCE Carrier Solutions' dedicated internet for schools

Improve Connectivity and Support

Finding the right internet solution that supports advanced learning environments can be difficult. These environments need reliable and secure connections for data security and ongoing technical support. SCE Carrier Solutions offers internet for schools that includes high-speed data transport, secure and reliable circuits, and continuous and high-bandwidth connectivity. This service also includes localized technical support for connection issues. We are a Southern California company. We’re dedicated to serving you and our community.


Improve internet connectivity and support with SCE Carrier Solutions' dedicated internet for schools and colleges around Southern California.


Maximize Productivity and Efficiency with High-Bandwidth Connectivity

SCE Carrier Solutions adds value and maximizes productivity for educational institutions around Southern California with:

  • An expansive network infrastructure that spans 50,000+ of Southern California
  • Synchronous upload and download network speeds
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Secure internet connections for information sharing and sensitive information
  • Support for next generation needs

Maximize productivity in the classroom with high-bandwidth connectivity.

Interested in leveraging customized school network solutions to increase capacity and reduce costs? Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your options and answer any questions you may have.

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