Network Reliability

Benefits of a Reliable Network

Organizations leveraging networks optimized for reliability can receive several benefits including:

  • Increased Productivity-  Network users will have less connection interruptions or slow data transfers.
  • Higher uptime– Organizations will experience minimal downtime, which can cost businesses $5,600 per minute.
  • Reduced costs– A dependable network will require less management, which reduces operational and maintenance costs.

What makes a network reliable?

There are several components of a dependable network, including: 

High Availability

For a network to be considered “reliable” it should meet or exceed the “five nines” of availability, that is, ensuring 99.999% uptime. Networks achieving this level of dependability guarantees a maximum downtime of five minutes or less per year, which can save organizations thousands of dollars. 

Dependable Infrastructure

Reliable networks have the right network infrastructure and up-to-date technology necessary to ensure uninterrupted and efficient data transfers. Organizations looking to improve the effectiveness of their network should determine which network setup best fits their capacity and availability needs to promote dependable access. For most cases, wired networks such as dark fiber will provide a more stable and uninterrupted connection compared to wireless networks, for example.

Adequate Capacity

Organizations looking to expand require a network that meets their current and future bandwidth needs to support their growth without limiting access or reducing productivity. A reliable network when planning for new applications or a larger staff should be designed for scalability so it can increase or decrease bandwidth as needed.

Advanced Expertise

Going beyond the hardware, promoting network reliability also involves having access to the expertise and resources needed to troubleshoot issues and design a future proof network setup. A network may be designed properly but it may not operate optimally in the long run unless the proper support is available.


Dedicated internet access

Leverage a Reliable Network with SCE Carrier Solutions

SCE Carrier Solutions provides enterprises, educational institutions, government agencies, telecom carriers and other organizations with dependable and comprehensive network solutions.

Our network reliability and managed network services include:

  • Local support and expertise on how to optimize your network for availability
  • Customizable and tailored network solutions designed for dependable connectivity
  • Scalable infrastructure that can expand to meet your growth needs

Interested in leveraging a reliable network or increasing the dependability of your existing network? Request a free quote today and one of our network experts will discuss how your organization can increase network stability.

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