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No matter the sector, network security is an essential component of many organizations’ day to day activities and mission-critical tasks. Government agencies require a secure and highly regulated network to ensure that sensitive data isn’t intercepted or compromised. For enterprises, much of their mission-critical information is transferred via networks and can be vulnerable without the proper setup and support.

Secure Network Solutions Statistics

Network security is important for preventing costly data loss and protecting your network from malicious attacks. The average cost of a data breach is $3.9 million, resulting in an average of $150 per record lost1. In addition, it takes an average of 279 days to identify and contain a data breach. The long-term negative impacts can bog organizations down financially and also impact customer brand loyalty and perception.

Increase Network Security With SCE Network Solutions

How to Improve Network Security

Strengthening network security can be done through several strategies. To increase network security without needing additional equipment or significant changes, consider the following tactics:

  • Use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)– VPNs allow companies to share data securely between those outside of the organization.
  • Implement basic security processes- Every organization should have common network security measures in place including virus protection, password security, and encryption.
  • Monitor regularly- Network infrastructure should be continually reviewed in order to minimize the threat of attacks, and to identify potential vulnerabilities and address them.
  • Promote security awareness training– Organizations taking a proactive approach to network security should periodically educate their staff on the latest security threats and how to prevent and react to them.

How to create a secure network solution

Top Network Setups for Security

Organizations should continue to monitor their network infrastructure and be aware of emerging technologies and hardware offering companies more secure and faster networks. Once the company has determined that their existing network infrastructure needs to be revamped or replaced, they should consider leveraging a network solution optimized for security:

Dark Fiber

Dark fiber is a popular network solution for organizations requiring secure networks because they can lease unlit fiber optic strands to receive a private connection that they own, operate, and maintain. Dark fiber leases have full customization over how secure to make their network by having ownership over the equipment instead of using a third party. In addition, dark fiber connections are separate from main networks, promoting security.

Dedicated Internet Access

Similar to dark fiber, dedicated internet access allows organizations to privately lease network lines between an ISP and a single point. The private circuit goes directly to the location of the lessee, which adds security and ensures that only approved users can access or tap into the network.

Switched Ethernet

Switched ethernet is another viable network solution for enhanced security because the physical lines are harder to hack compared to wireless services because they would require someone to have access to its physical location. In addition, the safety protocols and localized design of ethernet promotes secure transfer of information compared to centralized network alternatives.

Managed Wavelength

Managed wavelength services allow organizations to keep their data private because the network isn’t shared with any other customers. In addition, network providers are unable to see the information contained when transferring or sending packets of data.

Increase Network Security with a Local Managed Network Services Provider

Local managed network services providers (MNSPs) are uniquely positioned to provide organizations with secure network solutions in the form of managed network setups and on-site support. With the help of a local MNSP, organizations can offload network monitoring and security tasks off their workload to focus on more important IT tasks, as well as add an additional layer of security by hosting networks in offsite locations where only their employees can access.

Leverage Secure Network Solutions Through SCE

SCE Carrier Solutions is a local MNSP that provides enterprises, telecom carriers, academic institutions, government agencies, and other organizations across Southern California with:

  • Reliable network monitoring to identify potential security risks before they arise
  • Technical support and maintenance from a dedicated team of network experts
  • Tailored private network solutions optimized for security, cost-savings, and performance

Interested in increasing your existing network’s security or upgrading to a setup optimized for protecting transmitted data? Contact SCE and one of our experts will be happy to discuss how to improve your security or leverage a secure network solution.

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