Telecom Infrastructure

SCE Carrier Solutions offers a diverse portfolio of telecom infrastructure in Southern California, that carriers can use to expand capacity and extend coverage.

Meet your customers’ increasing demand for high volume data transport for multimedia and video application use with existing wireless and telecom infrastructure. Our telecom infrastructure options include:

  • Electric transmission towers
  • Streetlights
  • Lattice towers
  • A-frame tower structures
  • Tubular steel poles
  • Industrially zoned property for custom builds

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Expand Your Coverage

Partner with a network provider that has reliable telecom infrastructure and a wide network. SCE Carrier Solutions’ coverage includes fiber cables and telecom infrastructure stretches across 50,000+ square miles service area of Southern California. Use our telecom infrastructure to expand your coverage within this area to meet the network connections and high volume of data transport demanded by your customers.

Reduce Outages and Costs

Selecting a multiservice telecom provider with insecure, unreliable connections can be costly. An unplanned network outage can cost an average of $15 billion a year of downtime costs for mobile operators.¹ SCE Carrier Solutions understand the costs associated with an outage and offer the telecom infrastructure to help avoid these costs. Our telecom infrastructure is built for:

  • Network signal around Southern California
  • Efficient data transport speeds
  • Reliable and secure network connections
  • Area coverage for carrier customers
  • 5G readiness


Extend Your Services with Existing Telecom Infrastructure


SCE Carrier Solutions has the knowledge and expertise to help carriers expand capacity and extend coverage in Southern California. Contact us to explore telecom infrastructure options in your target area.

Meet the increasing demand for high volume transport with existing telecom infrastructure.