Wireless Backhaul for Carriers


SCE Carrier Solutions is a telecom provider in Southern California that helps carriers meet their users’ increasing need for wireless backhaul. As your customers demand higher volumes of video and multimedia applications, like television shows on mobile, SCE provides the wireless backhaul infrastructure you need to transport data from your sites.


Reduce the Risk of Inefficiency


Carriers need a wireless backhaul solution that can support the growth of next-generation network needs. Without adequate wireless backhaul infrastructure, you’re subject to:

  • Poor network signal
  • Slow data speeds
  • Low quality connections
  • Reduced network reliability

SCE Carrier Solutions offers carriers wireless backhaul with flexible and supportive network infrastructure.

Learn How to Decrease Network Downtime


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Reduce the Need to Build Your Own Wireless Backhaul Infrastructure



Building and maintaining your own wireless infrastructure is a costly and time-consuming process. SCE Carrier Solutions’ wireless backhaul infrastructure provides carriers with a high quality, well-maintained and accessible network infrastructure to mount your antennas on.

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