Dark Fiber

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Control a privately operated communications network

Lease unused strands of fiber optic cable — dark fiber — to create a privately operated network. Tailor the traffic and speed to adapt to the platform of your choice while retaining flexibility to expand and control network connectivity needs.

SCE Carrier Solutions’ dense fiber optic network in Southern California provides connectivity where customers need it. Enjoy lower infrastructure costs and greater control with dark fiber.


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Discover the localized services and customizable network solutions available for Southern California organizations in SCE’s solutions overview.

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Our Value

dark fiber
Higher Capacity

Multiple data signals can transmit simultaneously on different wavelengths — all on your network.

dark fiber
More Control

Gain control of the network to meet your business objectives and grow.

dark fiber

Select a highly-secure configuration customized to your needs.

SCE Carrier Solutions Dark Fiber offers:

  • Standard single mode fiber
  • Point-to-point or ring configurations
  • License or lease options
  • Locations in Los Angeles, Orange County, Palm Springs, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura
  • Custom builds available to meet your needs


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Dark Fiber