Dedicated Internet Access

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Consistent, protected connectivity for any organization

SCE Carrier Solutions’ dedicated Internet access offers high-bandwidth capability and continuous connectivity to any organization, including business, government, or educational institutions.

A dedicated Internet access solution provides synchronous upload and download speeds over your own private circuit. With Internet connectivity dedicated to your needs — and only your needs — employees can enjoy reliable and secure Internet that enables productivity and empowers the business to do more.

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Discover the localized services and customizable network solutions available for Southern California organizations in SCE’s solutions overview.

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Our Value

dedicated internet access
Experience & Flexibility

Partner with an experienced provider that can support your infrastructure growth today and adapt to meet your next generation network needs tomorrow.

dedicated internet access
Budget Friendly

Access reliable services customized to suit both your network and budget requirements.

dedicated internet access
Personalized Attention

Our teams are committed to proactive, customer-focused service. A dedicated Internet access account team with years of industry expertise is available to meet all your needs.

SCE Carrier Solutions Dedicated Internet Access offers:

  • Uncontended access to voice, data, and video communication
  • Ethernet Switched Technology
  • 50 Mb/s, 100 Mb/s, 150 Mb/s, 200 Mb/s, 300 Mb/s, 100Mb/s-1G+
  • Equipment protection and route diversity (if requested)
  • Scalable bandwidth


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Dedicated Internet Access