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Grow your wireless network with our existing infrastructure and expert support

SCE Carrier Solutions’ vast infrastructure portfolio of electric transmission towers, existing property, and streetlights can be used to collocate network equipment, such as base stations and antennas, throughout Southern California. We have a proven track record of developing and managing 855+ sites.

Grow your wireless networks using SCE Carrier Solutions’ existing structures. We provide experienced and knowledgeable staff providing zoning, engineering design and fabrication of brackets, and equipment installation support.

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Discover the localized and customizable network solutions available to Southern California organizations in SCE’s solutions overview.

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Our Value

wireless infrastructure
Expand Your Reach

Speed up your development times by leveraging SCE Carrier Solutions’ lattice towers, A-frame tower structures, tubular steel poles, and streetlights to expand your reach.

wireless infrastructure
Expedited Process

Build new cell sites using reliable SCE Carrier Solutions-owned properties, with existing above ground structures and typically zoned for industrial use, to expedite your process.

wireless infrastructure
Reliable Support

Enjoy centralized customer service dedicated to wireless carriers and a single point of contact dedicated to your needs.

SCE Carrier Solutions Wireless Infrastructure Services offer:

  • GIS services to match carrier search rings with our infrastructure
  • Transmission towers and steel poles with usable heights of up to 100+ feet
  • Ideal locations for the placement of antennas to attain or enhance signal coverage objectives
  • Many excellent locations for new monopole structures
  • 500,000+ streetlights supporting micro cell sites
  • Zoning support with attendance at public hearings upon request
  • Ability to backhaul from our facilities using our 5,700 route mile network and Wireless Backhaul service


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Wireless Infrastructure