What are the Business Benefits of Dedicated Internet Access?

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is a powerful setup for enterprises looking for fast speeds, network reliability, and secure connectivity. DIA connections are privately monitored and leased to customers directly from the provider, freeing up internal IT teams from time-consuming network management tasks to focus on more important business growth projects. 

The biggest advantage of DIA is that it’s like a company having its own lane on the highway. Since the connection is only used by the organization leasing it, businesses don’t have to compete for bandwidth with other companies like with broadband or other shared connections.

Types of Dedicated Internet Access

Businesses seeking dedicated internet connections have several DIA options varying by the type of cable and the maximum speeds allotted. Small and growing businesses can use T1 or T3 connections as their company starts to grow, while enterprises with large amounts of network users benefit from Ethernet or Dark Fiber solutions.  

The main types of DIA include: 


  • T1 – connection made up of reserved circuits over copper or fiber optic cables with speeds capping at 1.5 Mbps
  • T3 – 45Mbps of bandwidth delivered over fiber optic or coax cables
  • Ethernet Over Copper (EoC) – dedicated connection using multiple pairs of twisted copper reaching speeds of 50 Mbps.
  • Dedicated Dark Fiber – leased unlit strands of fiber optic cable, enabling over 10Gbps speeds

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Top Benefits of Dedicated Internet Access

No matter the type of company, DIA provides several advantages over shared connections, such as offering consistent performance, easy scalability, and strengthened security. The main benefits of dedicated internet access include: 

Supports Large Company Sizes

Businesses with a large number of employees may experience traffic bottlenecks when connecting to a shared broadband network. Delays or hiccups when accessing the Internet reduce company productivity and can slow down project timelines. 

DIA is a good fit for businesses leveraging Internet-heavy applications and transmitting large data files on a regular basis because it is designed to maximize capacity to support more network activity.

Dedicated connections are also easily scalable to meet growing bandwidth demands. A business leveraging DIA can have their provider increase capacity to support a larger user base or handle more internet-intensive applications.

Guaranteed Speeds and Bandwidth

With shared connections, the promised maximum speed is only achieved under ideal scenarios when other companies aren’t using the network at the same time. Businesses leveraging DIA receive the entirety of the bandwidth purchased 100% of the time.

One lesser known advantage of DIA is that network services providers keep DIA customers on a backbone network designed for greater bandwidth, resulting in better throughput compared to shared internet connections. 

DIA also provides identical upload and download speeds, which is especially beneficial for companies that use cloud-based applications and data storage or have remote users accessing their network. This can be problematic with shared connections, which typically have slower upload speeds compared to DIA. 

Dedicated Internet Access Improves Security

Whenever businesses use shared networks they run the risk of having their data transfers compromised with a larger number of authorized users and more points of vulnerability. Businesses handling sensitive employee or customer data can improve their security by leveraging DIA services. Dedicated connections add an extra layer of security to help protect companies from malicious attacks and breaches. 

Dependable Access, Even When Remote

In the modern age, employees are using real-time technology including VoIP and video conferencing platforms to support remote work. As part of DIA services, companies typically receive a service level agreement (SLA) to guarantee between 99.9% and 99.999% network availability. The uptime ensured under SLAs is vital for providing businesses and their employees with reliable access to mission-critical applications. With DIA, companies have access to the network at the agreed upon and acceptable uptime requirement. 

Leverage DIA From SCE Carrier Solutions

SCE Carrier Solutions provides businesses across Southern California with dependable dedicated internet access solutions, designed to provide faster data transfer speeds, increase uptime, and strengthen network security. 

Are you a business looking for faster network speeds with more capacity to support future growth? DIA may be a strong option for your company. Reach out to the SCE team and we will evaluate your current network and determine which setup is best for your needs and growth goals.

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